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WELCOME to Martin’s Honey House and commercial kitchen located at 59 Bashaw Creek Road, Manchester, Tennessee.

Our honey house is annually inspected and CERTIFIED by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Regulatory Services.




We extract, bottle and label our local 100% pure raw strained honey in Martin’s Honey House along with our cut comb honey.

 Also, our Creamed Honey and Infused Honey are made, bottled, and labeled in Martin’s Honey House.


Don’t Fear A Swarm!



More than likely if bees swarm, they have run out of room because they are growing and healthy.

DO NOT call exterminators, instead call me at (931)808-5654.  I will come to the place of the swarm outside of your home and remove the bees free of charge in Coffee, Grundy, Franklin, Bedford and Rutherford counties.

Bees are extremely valuable pollinators and we do not want to kill them unnecessarily.







Our handmade soaps, flavored and unflavored lip balms, scented and unscented hand lotion bars, and Beeswax candles are made in Martin’s Honey House from the Beeswax produced by our own honey bees.




Our beeswax by-products are registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).



A small beginning has led to a thriving business supplying family members, friends and many others like you with pure local honey and beeswax products.




We look forward to providing you with local 100% pure raw strained honey, cut comb honey, Creamed Honey, Infused Honey and our handmade skin care products or pure beeswax candles.


Martin’s Honey and all of our hand-made Beeswax by-products are listed on the Pick Tennessee Products website.